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Known as the premier central municipality of the province - BUGASONG is a town steep with golden tradition and remarkable history, which traces its foundation to the times of religious colonization and expansion in the province by the Spaniards.

The municipality founded in 16th century presumably in 1596 as a district encomienda. With such a status it was ruled by a cabeza de barangay a term referred to a municipal administrator during that time.

The town boasts its 400 –year-old miraculous Sto. Nino de Bugasong made of Ivory and Silver. The historical Estaka Hill served as a natural watch over that warned the people against the pillaging Moro pirates.

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Bugasong got its name from “bugas” or rice and “lusong” which means mortar- a native wooden instrument used to pound palay.

It is a rich town in the central part of Antique endowed with beaty spots. Its hills and plains are monuments to great historic events in connection with the American regime in the Philippines, the Estaka Hills, Kambaludan, the Arong Hills and the Hatay-Hatay plains.

The town is headed by the Municipal Mayor and with eight members of the Sangguniang Bayan. Regular session is done every Thursday which is presided by the Municipal Vice Mayor. There are 27 barangays headed by the Punong Barangay assisted by the members of the Barangay Kagawad. Based on the latest record (August 2014) there are 18,442 registered voters with the three central barangays namely Ilaya, Ilauod and Pojo comprising the most number of voters. There are also 149 precincts, 69 of which are clustered as of October 28, 2013 Barangay Election.

The Municipality of Bugasong is situated in the central part of Antique that is forty-three (43) kilometers away from the provincial capital (San Jose) and One Hundred Forty (140) kilometers away from the regional capital (Iloilo City).

It has a total land area of 20,370 hectares. Out of this area, 48.27 are alienable and disposable lands while 53.73 percent are forestlands. The alienable and disposable lands are mostly utilized for the cultivation of agricultural products. Among the agricultural crops, the production of rice occupies the largest area in both irrigated and non-irrigated with 3,574.41 hectares. This made farming the dominant activity and the primary source of income of most of the households in the municipality. This is followed by coconut land, which is concentrated in 394 hectares. Reports from the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) shows that all barangays in Bugasong are into this endeavor with a total of 2014 coco farmers and a total area of 12,980 hectares. Likewise, other areas are planted with root crops, vegetables, corn and sugar cane.

Bugasong has a total population of 33,535 as per record from the Municipal Health Office as of 2014. Its people are sociable and hospitable. For the past years, Bugasongnons are known to be pious, industrious and known lover of fun, merriment as well as adventure and challenges.

A Throng of people joins the "Bugas sa Lusong Festival" at Bugasong which lasted for five days starting January 14-18 to ponder the cheerful and colorful culture of the Bugasongnons in honor of its divine protector - Sr. Sto. Niño.

Bugasong is a third class municipality with total annual income of P78,307,364.75 as of 2014 data. P73,855,657.00 of the municipal income comes from the Internal Revenue Allotment share, and P8,584,392.00 from local revenues of the municipality.

Bugasong has seven (7) coastal barangay namely Zaragoza, Ilaures, Camangahan, Sabang West, Guija, Jinalinan and Paliwan. Fishing is the primary source of income of the majority of households in these areas. There are 671 registered fisher folks in the municipality.

Poultry and livestock-raising are considered an integral part of the Agricultural economy of the Municipality. Cattle, goats and swine are raised either for breeding or fattening in limited farm lots while carabaos are kept mainly as source of draft power for land preparation in agricultural production.

The famous local industry of the town is handloom weaving. Barangay Bagtason is known for its handwoven products such as hat, handkerchief and the patadyong. Since the 18th century, people from Bagtason engaged in weaving using the various native raw materials such as abaca, silk and piña fibers for patadyong, kimono and barong. But in terms of quality and design, patadyong is considered the most popular product of the municipality.

The Bugasongnons now enjoy the convenience of having communication facilities like the cellular phones with the operation of two cellular phone companies such as globe and smart in the municipality. At present, Bugasong has one FM franchise station - Radyo Natin 102.9 Radio Natin - Bugasong. Meanwhile, TV entertainment is provided by the Barbaza CATV for the viewing pleasure of Bugasongnons. Internet connectivity are not available in many barangays in the municipality where information and communication are made possible and easier. There is also a free WIFI in the municipal plaza to serve the people particularly the students in the municipality.

Bugasong has twenty seven (27) barangays, sixteen (16) of which are situated in the lowland areas, eight (8) are upland areas and the rest are located at the upland-lowland areas.

Bugasong is one of the eighteen(18) municipalities of the province traversed by the Iloilo-Antique-Aklan arterial road. This road section in the municipality starts in barangay Cubay in the North and ends in Zaragoza in the South with a total stretch of 10.5005 kms. with a fully asphalted road. The National road comprised 23.19% of the total road network. Traffic is free flowing in the national road anytime of the day.

The major means of transportation in going to other municipalities are public utility jeepneys and buses that pass the national highway almost every hour from 4 o'clock in the morning to 8 o'clock in the evening. Within the municipality the major means of transportation is the tricycle. Transportation is made easier because of the fully asphalted national road within the municipality.

Bugasong is a peaceful community. The peace and order situation is being maintained by the PNP and is being augmented by the barangay tanods in every barangay.


In general the municipality of Bugasong envisions a municipality that is sustainable, developing, environmentally balanced and a highly productive rural centers whose residents have a sense of well – being and morally upright, educated, disciplined, self-reliant and God and community centered.


To achieve our vision for Bugasong, we shall pursue a truly responsive, rational and integrated strategy through multi-sectoral cooperation and a well-coordinated delivery of excellent services towards the total amelioration of both human and economic resources.


Location :
Bounded on the North by Laua-an
South by Patnongon
East by Valderrama and
West by Sulu Sea.

Distance from San Jose :
Approximately 43 Kilometers

Total Land Area :
More or less 20,370 hectares

Number of Barangays :

Classification :
3rd Class Municipality

Population :

Registered Voters :
18,442 (As of August 2014)


Hon. John Lloyd M. Pacete : Municipal Mayor

Hon. Bernard N. Pesayco : Municipal Vice Mayor

SB Members :

  • Hon. Casimira S. dela Cruz
  • Hon. Jorge P. Pesayco, Jr.
  • Hon. Balbina A. Capendit
  • Hon. Gerardo R. Antoy
  • Hon. Geraldine P. Pesayco
  • Hon. Manuel S. dela Cruz, Jr.
  • Hon. Roberto V. Fruto, Jr.
  • Hon. Lea Agnes V. Pediangco

  • Hon. Rosario Y. Pesayco : Liga ng mga Barangay President

    11 Mar 2019